My Journey To Delphi

My Journey to Delphi

book-4Little did Frank D. Iannella realize what a bizarre and sometimes threatening journey he was about to undertake when he accepted a teaching position in Florence, Italy, that unexpectedly led him to Delphi, Greece. Once there, the author recalls how an encounter with the mysteries of the Oracle and incarnation led him to an epiphany that changed his perception of reality and ultimately inspired him to write his Delphi Trilogy. This book also provides the reader with a deeper understanding of the entire three-volume work. My Journey to Delphi: How I Came to Write the Delphi Trilogy, is a gripping true-life adventure in its own right full of obstacles, dangers, and mysticism.

myphotofromdelphi10-10-14Frank D. Iannella has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in History from Northern Illinois University. He did his master’s thesis at Oriel College, Oxford University. He also holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado and is a graduate fellow of the American Film Institute. He was presented with the Gold Key Award from Phi Alpha Theta National History Society. He has taught at George Williams College, Colorado School of Mines and a school in Florence, Italy. A mystical experience at Delphi inspired him to write his novels. He also taught college credit courses on History & Theory of Astrology and Foundations of the Occult.

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