Journey to Redemption

Journey to Redemption

delphi-book-cover BOULDER, Colo. – A vexing prophecy. A formidable foe. An irrepressible desire and an obsessive need for revenge. Journey to Redemption: Destiny Fulfilled, the last in the Delphi trilogy of historic adventure novels by Frank D. Iannella, delivers the final leg of Damian’s Orphic odyssey, which has its roots in the Greek city of Delphi in the early sixth century BC. As he surveys his robust success, Damian questions all that was foretold by the Oracle. How can his fate be other than magnificent in light of the deepening bond with the champion athlete Phorcys, a first child on the way, and his coveted and triumphant role in the Pythian Games?

“What an interesting resolve to the adventures of Damian! The twists and turns never cease right up to the very end. While Damian’s struggles continue, they gradually become more profound and carry deeper and more universal themes. At the same time, his destiny leads him to discover the hidden meaning of the Oracle’s message and come to a deeper understanding of himself. Once more, the author entices and enchants the reader into the world of ancient Greece with his wonderful use of descriptions that activate the senses and bring the story to life.  The Delphi Trilogy is a wonderful tale and much can be learned from Damian’s journey as it unfolds in this final volume.” – Elissa Kannon

“I enjoyed this book as much as the first two books in the Delphi Trilogy. No, I actually enjoyed this final book even more! I loved the ending and all the twists and turns that lead up to it, especially one which I won’t mention here. It’s a great read, but sometimes upsetting but ultimately uplifting.” – Ryan Pelton

“Iannella again gives the reader many intriguing, telling details about life, culture and attitudes in ancient Greece…by balancing mainstream Greek thought against the Orphics’ gentle precepts. An often satisfying conclusion to Damian’s story, with much to engage lovers of ancient history.”
– Kirkus Independent Review

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Journey to Redemption: Destiny Fulfilled
Journey to Redemption: Destiny Fulfilled

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Through a series of tragic events, Damian continues to veer from his destined path in order to exact revenge on his nemesis, Scyron. He embarks on a journey of self-reckoning and retribution that shakes the foundation of his very being. Will he find his way back to his former harmonious state? Can he rekindle the love that was brutally taken from him? Drawing inspiration from the ancient Delphic Oracle and the mythical stories of Apollo, Dionysys and Orpheus, Iannella acknowledges the influence of Orphic teachings in earth Christian doctrine through themes of peace, love, simplicity and redemption in this novel. Journey to Redemption: Destiny Fulfilled is a must for history lovers or anyone intrigued by ancient cultures imbued by mysticism and magic.

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