Destiny at Delphi

Destiny at Delphi

book-2-cover Boulder, Colo. – Destiny at Delphi is the second book in Frank Iannella’s Delphi Trilogy that continues the adventures of Damian, crippled runaway slave, and the obstacles he faces in the mystical city of Delphi. He’s confronted by powerful rivals, ominous predictions from the great priests that foretell of an unhappy, childless marriage and betrayed by his mentor Kleisthenes who has usurped credit for his brilliant designs.

Everywhere he turns treachery abounds, only his love for the beautiful Ariena and the joy he feels developing young Phorcys into a champion runner bring him solace. Despite his tortured soul and setbacks, Damian’s inner demons propel him from humble beginnings to the heights of true power against a colorful backdrop of friends, foes and even gods.

Underdog struggles to achieve fame and recognition in Ancient Greece

“What a fantastic follow up novel – it not only maintained the integrity of its predecessor, but raised the bar in an Olympic proportion!” – Elissa Kannon

“This is a wonderful continuation of Book 1 in this series, the author again does an amazing job with putting the reader directly in history and using the language and terms that match this time period. Damian’s destiny continues to unfold and this book is a lot of fun because we see so many great things happen and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds next.”
– Katie McCoach

“An engrossing story from page one with many twists and turns as the young hero, Damian, rises from the ignominy of slavery to become the protege of the most powerful man in Greece, Kleisthenes. Trained as a historian, Iannella skillfully brings the reader into the brutal and mystical world of 6th Century BC Greece as seen through the eyes of young Damian.” – Mary J Marcus

“Like the first book, this one contains many intriguing, well-researched details about life in ancient Greece…[such as] religious rituals, athletic training [for the] Olympic and Pythian Games… and marriage customs. A good second outing in this series.” – Kirkus Independent Review

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Destiny at Delphi: The Journey Continues
Destiny at Delphi: The Journey Continues

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As tragedy follows joy, Damian realizes his destiny is inextricably entwined with that of Delphi’s. The book breathes life into the often brutal world of ancient Greece, bringing it out of the dusty pages of history books and scholarly texts and transforming it into a rich, detailed setting. Kirkus Reviews writes, “A good second outing in the series, again bringing ancient Delphi to life.”  

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