Ancient Relevance to Modern Greece

Ancient Relevance to Modern Greece

The economic system in Greece today is in chaos. Perhaps there are lessons to learn form understanding the rise of the treasuries at Delphi in the 6th Century BC. Early in that century Kleisthenes, Tyrant of Sikyon and victor of the First Sacred War, established the Amphictyonic League in Delphi. It consisted of several Greek city–states and its purpose was to find a common thread of unity between all the members. This was achieved by having all these city-states agree to protect Delphi from any further attacks. This was the first attempt in uniting divergent political groups into a single unified system with a particular goal since the Trojan War which was only a temporary objective.  One could see in this, the embryonic  origins of the United Nations.

What strengthened this unity of the Amphictyonic League was the establishment  by each of these member states of a Treasury located at Delphi. The fact that there were so many divergent currencies was a chief obstacle in bringing about any sense of unity under the Amphictyonic League. This necessitated a system of currency exchange that further helped a sense of economic unity among the members of the League. Consequently, more city-states joined the Treasuries at Delphi, grew wealthier and Delphi became both the center of Greek Religious culture as well as the first economic center of Greece in the sixth century BC.


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  1. Cyril Copeland August 7, 2014 at 6:02 am #

    Journey to Delphi is a captivating story of an orphaned boy and what he must endure to survive during the brutal times of life in the sixth century BC Greece. The book is well written and a well researched blend of historical facts, mythology and a bit of mysticism.
    I found it to be an easy read and it will definitely leave you looking forward to read the rest of the series.
    I give it a 5 STAR recommendation.

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