After his village and parents are destroyed, Damian escapes with his two trusted teachers, one of them, Lysis, promises to be his guardian and mentor, but the other, Hyposus, drugs and sells him to a brutal master who rapes him and cripples him when he tries to escape which he ultimately does. He takes revenge on this master when he encounters him in Olympia and kills him.

Now he has no home, no friends, no hope and is wanted as a runaway slave as he enters a deep state of despair as if the Harpies are pursuing him.

Upon hearing Damian’s story of how Hyposus betrayed him and set his fate in motion, Lysis again pledges to take him home to his new school in Samos where he will protect and mentor him and bring Hyposis to justice.

But that is just the beginning...

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Frank D. Iannella has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in History from Northern Illinois University. He did his master’s thesis at Oriel College, Oxford University. He has completed all but the dissertation for a PhD in History. He also holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado and is a graduate fellow of the American Film Institute: Center for Advanced Studies. He was awarded the Gold Key from Phi Alpha Theta National History Society. He was also a teaching fellow at the University of Colorado and has taught full time at George Williams College, Colorado School of Mines and Shapley International School in Florence, Italy. A mystical experience at Delphi inspired him to write his novel…
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Journey To Delphi

An entertaining debut historical novel that depicts tumultuous ancient Greece as seen through the eyes of a young, orphaned slave.

Damian is only 12 years old when his parents are killed and most of his village, followers of Orpheus’ gentle philosophy, are destroyed by marauders from another Greek village in the early 6th century B.C. He escapes with his tutors, but one of them sells Damian into slavery…

– Kirkus Independent Review

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Destiny At Delphi

In ancient Greece, former slave Damian wrestles with insecurity as he takes on an important role in Delphi.

In Journey to Delphi (2012), Iannella’s first book in his planned trilogy of historical novels, young Damian—betrayed and sold into slavery—escapes after being raped and crippled by a cruel master. He flees to Delphi, which the tyrant Kleisthenes wishes to make the cultural center of Greece…

– Kirkus Independent Review

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Journey to Redemption

Damian, a former slave in ancient Greece, learns the meaning of a prophecy in this final volume of the Delphi trilogy.

This historical novel continues the tale of Iannella’s Journey to Delphi (2012) and Destiny at Delphi (2013), which traced Damian’s path from age 12, when his village was razed in the First Sacred Wars in early-sixth-century B.C. Greece to his betrayal into slavery and his journey to Delphi, where he became an important adviser to the tyrant Kleisthenes. In this final volume, Damian at first seems to be cheating the destiny told to him by the Oracle at Delphi….

– Kirkus Independent Review

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Well Written & Very Interesting Book!

This is a very well written book. The content is very interesting & I found myself not being able to put it down. I am in general not a book lover. However, this one was an exception. There was just something about it that caught my attention, page after page, chapter after chapter. I found it slightly confusing at times and maybe a little difficult to understand (That’s where my dictionary came in). Nontheless, its definitely a book I enjoyed on my relaxing time. My husband started reading it as well & now he’s hooked. There’s just something unique about it. You have to read it to understand… I loved it, I’m sure you will too! (Sample provided in exchange for an honest & unbiased review)

– Courtney (Top 50 Amazon Reviewer)